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Calcified Plus®


Calcified Plus® is a very high specification granulated Calcium and trace element soil conditioner combined with Humates and plant Bio-Stimulants designed to improve plant and soil performance. Suitable for all crop situations requiring Calcium and Trace elements.




  • Rapid supply of Calcium and trace elements to crops and soil
  • Increased nutritional content of grass
  • Improves palatability and helps achieve tighter grazing.
  • Ideal for applying when over seeding, will help clover establish
  • Assists nitrate conversion to protein
  • Improves soil structure
  • Helps buffer slurry acidity
  • Enhances microbial activity in soils
  • Very hard granule will spin to 36m using existing fertiliser spreaders with minimal dust


Application of Calcified Plus®


Rates of application will depend on soil analysis and crop requirement.


As a guide:

  • Grassland: 100-250kg/Ha
  • Cereals & Fodder Crop: 200-400kg/Ha
  • Pack Size: 25kg or 600kg bags


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Typhoon Overseeding Mixture


Large seeded, aggressive species are essential for overseeding to succeed.


Oliver Seeds have a range of mixtures suitable to cover all situations but TYPHOON is a dedicated mix specifically formulated for maximum effect:


Ideal for surface or slot seeding, the components involved are primarily Hybrid and Tetraploid Ryegrasses to facilitate rapid establishment and accelerated growth.


  • Dedicated mix for specific purpose
  • Cost effective and productive
  • Sow at 7-10 kgs per acre


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Tornado "The Ultimate Catch Crop!"


TORNADO is based on a persistent, multicut, Westerwold Ryegrass and two Italian Ryegrasses which combine outstanding yield in the establishment year plus extraordinary spring growth and first cut yield.


TORNADO can grow very fast; to get the best results it needs to be managed carefully. The relatively open nature of its growth means that cutting or tight rotational grazing best suits the mixture.


If the TORNADO is required for a full 12 months of production or regular, hard, winter grazing, 15.0kg seed rate is recommended. If seedbed conditions are good 12.5kg/acre is adequate, especially if the crop is to be ploughed up after first cut.


TORNADO is also available mixed with WINFRED rape as RAPTOR to produce flexible summer and autumn grazing.


Trials show an extra £148.00 worth of silage in just 6 months (based on an extra 3.7 tonnes of 25% dry matter silage @ £40/tonne).


  • Top yield potential for both autumn and spring production.
  • Excellent potential for grazing and autumn silage after winter barley.
  • Very vigorous establishment for sowing after maize.
  • 33% Diploid content for higher dry matter spring silage.
  • Better lamb finishing potential than stubble turnips, with assured re-growth


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